How to tell your hook up your on your period

This article will give you advice on how to address "that time of the month" with boys of different maturity levels, plus information on being intimate when you have your period. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Chances are, he's not going to have any idea what you are talking about and the misunderstanding might make things unnecessarily awkward. I ran out on him while he was speaking because I had a heavy flow, now he is grumpy, what should I tell him? A Anonymous Aug 21, Lapd business partners were never birthday. BC Bhagavan Chitturi Nov 23,

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The most awkward thing about a booty call

If I don't feel comfortable, then it's my choice! We've been in a relationship for long now, 3 years, and he is very understanding regarding these or any matters. If you prefer to hang solo when you're on your period, you can kindly let him know that just letting you be on your own is a huge help. That being said, it is still a personal matter, and you may feel a little uncomfortable or anxious about telling someone you are on your period--especially if that person is your boyfriend. Consider how long you've been dating.

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how to tell your hook up your on your period
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how to tell your hook up your on your period
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